Do I need to contact my insurance company before making a glass claim?

We have arrangements with many of the large insurance companies enabling us to invoice them direct. If you are only claiming for damaged glass we can handle the claim paperwork for you once we have your vehicle and policy details.

Who do I pay my excess to?

If you have fully comprehensive cover your glass is usually covered against damage subject to an excess payment and VAT if you are a business, this is payable to us on completion of the work carried out.

Do I pay an excess on windscreen chip repair?

In the vast majority of claims for glass repair you are not subject to an excess although AVIVA Direct have introduced a £10.00 excess.

Will I lose my no claims bonus if a make a glass claim?

If you have to make a claim for a repair or replacement providing it is just the glass you are claiming for your no claims bonus should remain unaffected.

How long after a windscreen replacement can I drive my vehicle?

We install all direct glazed or bonded glass with the latest high quality adhesive from SIKA Automotive Line which means a vehicle with driver and passenger airbags can be safely driven after just 1 hour. standing time.
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